Diane Burnham

Executive Director
Burnham holds a Master of Management in Nonprofit Administration from North Park University in Chicago...
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Rod Sawyer

SSA #61 Program Manager
Rod Sawyer has more than 30 years of experience as a business and technology professional...
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Ticina Williams

Program Manager, Community Development Market Manager
Ticina L. Williams is an author, consultant and creative entrepreneur. She is a native of...
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Raymonde Vance

Operations Manager
Since 1995, Raymonde Vance has been the essential glue that keeps the South East Chicago...
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Board of Directors

Updated as of January 1, 2023.

Executive Board

  • Jourdan Sorrell (Chair)
  • James R. Poueymirou (1st Vice President)
  • JoAnn Newsome (2nd Vice President)
  • Danita Childers (Treasurer)
  • Elizabeth Gardner (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Phaedra Leslie (Secretary)
  • Ben Anderson (Assistant Secretary)

Board Members

  • Sandra Bivens
  • Prentice Butler
  • Elvin Charity
  • Susan S. Freehling
  • Noelle Gipson
  • Monica Haslip
  • Kyle Lilly
  • Michael McGarry
  • Darryl Newell
  • Eric Smith