Neighborhood Business Development Center

The South East Chicago Commission is a distinguished Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC), prepared to assist in the development of small businesses in Chicago, serve as liaison between local businesses and the City of Chicago, and provide neighborhood business development services. The SECC has a strong neighborhood network and can coordinate efforts with local aldermen, the City, and other community partners. We offer a wide variety of essential business services including:

City Services

Access to a large spectrum of City of Chicago services for small businesses.

Business Operations

Learn more about required business licenses, special permits, property inspections, available commercial space or specific industries requirements to operate within City limits.

Consumer Outreach

Extend your customer engagement and reduce your costs of customer acquisition by leveraging data and networks available in your local market.

Sourcing Suppliers

Find services or products your business needs from local Chicago-area suppliers, including women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

Business Workshops

Register for free business workshops and training programs conducted by City Officials, experts, and partner business organizations every Wednesday and Friday.

Marketing Assistance

Increase sales with more effective marketing strategies and participate in a wide spectrum events, expos and consumer engagement programs.

Financial Resources

Secure access to capital and financial resources including loans, grants, tax credits and educational workshops to fuel an existing or new business.

Special Events

Create new opportunities with special event marketing and sponsorship to reach local residents, neighbors, and visitors.

The Neighborhood Business Development Centers (NBDC) program provides grants to Chicago-based chambers of commerce and business support organizations to assist in the development of small businesses in Chicago. It also serves as a liaison between local businesses and the City of Chicago while helping provide neighborhood business development services.

There are multiple program types within NBDC Grants. The SECC is both a Cultural and Industry Specialist grant recipient. In addition, the SECC also operates Special Service Area 61 – Hyde Park.

Types of Assistance

We assist small businesses with:

  1. City Incentive Programs like the Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), TIF Works and Streamlined TIF
  2. Referral to Financial Resources
  3. Networking Opportunities
  4. Community and Regional Marketing Initiatives
  5. Technical Assistance for (troubleshooting) city-related issues for small businesses

Whether your business is a new start up, moving into the region or simply growing within one of our business districts, South East Chicago Commission is here to remove obstacles and provide assistance along the way. 

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