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The City of Chicago debuted a new app to help residents with a number of common issues, including fixing a pothole on your street or a tree that needs trimming. Chicago’s new “CHI 311” app is now online, and officials say it’s like having the city in your pocket.

After two years of development, the app is now available for download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

You now have all city services in your pocket, and it’s a dramatic difference.Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Instead of calling 311 and talking to an operator, the app and website allow residents to create an account, then use their smartphone or computer to report things like broken street lights, potholes, and abandoned vehicles. They can also put in requests for services like rodent control and graffiti removal.

Unlike the phone service, the app allows users to check the status of their request or complaint. Ald. Burnett says the 311 app will help aldermen as well by reducing the number of calls from people wondering about the status of their service.

The CHI 311 app is part of a $35 million overhaul of the city’s 311 system.

SECC Executive Director, Diane Burnham, was front and center as the media was introduced to the app on December 19, 2018.  Diane gave a brief  demo for Mayor Emmanuel.