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CHICAGO, IL, June 2, 2022 – South Side Chicago Jobs launches today, providing a free platform for Chicago’s South Side business owners and job seekers on which to post and search for jobs in the community.

The idea resulted from a group brainstorming session to best help businesses in the community with their hiring needs, knowing many are struggling to fully reopen without key staff members. South Side Chicago Jobs is a collaboration of community partners, chambers of commerce, workforce development agencies, and aldermanic and city offices dedicated to South Side business owners and job seekers – supported by the South East Chicago Commission

In 2020, Chicago had 4.3% fewer jobs than in 2001. But not all areas of the city had equal losses. Some ZIP codes saw huge increases in jobs, as much as 40%, while others saw equally large job losses.

South Side Chicago Jobs is the only job board dedicated to local businesses and job seekers on Chicago’s South Side.

Twenty-one Black neighborhoods have unemployment rates that are eight times higher than the national average, according to data released by Crain’s Chicago Business. Most of the high unemployment rates are in neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side, where poverty and disinvestment have been an issue for decades.

“We know it can be time-consuming and expensive for business owners to create and promote their own job postings, and they often don’t reach enough people to be successful. And many job seekers prefer to work close to home, if possible. South Side Chicago Jobs is solely dedicated to businesses and job seekers on Chicago’s South Side, and best of all it’s completely free.”

Diane Burnham, Executive Director of the South East Commission

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