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1.31.2020 – South East Chicago Commission Released Symposium Impact Report 

On October 12, 2019 the SECC hosted its first Economic Development Symposium featuring a brilliant keynote conversation between Valerie Jarrett and John W. Rogers, Jr.  The day included 5 workshops, 1 deep dive, a mapping research project, breakfast, lunch and an interactive wine tasting reception. 

The Symposium represents a long-term commitment to civic leadership in the Southeast Lakefront region for the benefit of local residents, neighbors and business owners who have a vested interest in the economic growth of our neighborhoods.

The SECC Symposium demonstrated a commitment to economic development through the alignment of thinking and action designed to strengthen the business districts and communities in the near Southeast lakefront region. Community concerns about residential housing, including rents, housing stock, taxes, valuations, etc, are genuine and valid, but simply fell outside of the scope of business district development.

“The Symposium was a $60,000 commitment to economic development in our region” – Diane Burnham, Executive Director, SECC

Ultimately, the Symposium will serve as a model for regional collaboration in economic development for Chicago’s business corridors.

The SECC has reserved October 3, 2020 for the 2nd annual Symposium. 

The report is available to view online:

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